Special A


Special A 特优生由黄中阳与他的团队创建而成,主营业务包括北美留学培训(考试培训和留学规划),以及特色常春藤暑期学校。

Special A 特优生已经在北京,上海和广州等城市成功开办6个校区。特优生的平均员工年龄28岁,公司员工主要由业内知名的教师和经验丰富的计算机工程师组成。每一位员工都朝着一个共同目标前进,即找到有效的融合线上和线下学习的方法。我们致力于创造并推广真正符合目前学生需求的学习平台。

自从2016年公司线上产品的发布,Special A特优生成功的将其独特的“知识切片法“与教学融合到一起,并且开发了独特的OCO(Online Cooperating with Offline)教育循环和教学平台。知识切片与“陪读服务”的有效性被众多用户称赞。

Special A, created and led by Norman Huang and his team, is an education and technology organization that specializes in K-12 subject studies education, North American overseas studies training (including standardized examinations training and overseas studies planning) as well as its distinctive Ivy League Summer School program.

Special A has successfully launched 6 campuses across major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The average age of the Special A employees is 28 years old. The company’s staff members consist of well-known lecturers within the education industry as well as experienced online technicians and engineers. Every employee is working towards one common goal – to find an effective solution to incorporate online and offline learning. We aim to create and promote a learning platform that truly meets the current education demands.

Since the publication of the company’s online products in 2016, Special A has combined its unique “knowledge segments method” with its researches and teaching to explore the distinctive OCO (Online cooperating with Offline) education cycle and the “Flip Classroom” plan. The effectiveness of the Excel knowledge segments as well as the “accompany studying services” is well complimented by many students.


该公司致力于提高学习效率和改变学习习惯的高科技互联网企业。有着十多年奋战在北美留学教学一线的业内名师,也有多年从事互联网教育方向的技术极客。 因其全球化视野、高端人才聚集、创新型教育模式、产业链人脉贯通等多方面独特优势,结合独有的切片式教育方法,专注于北美留学教育市场,专业的课程研发团队、线上开发团队与资深教师相结合,为学生量身打造高效提分的留美全科考试规划,逐渐摸索出了独特的“线下+线上产业配合”的教育闭环,五年多时间里,特优生秉承“务实创新”的原则,现已帮助数千位学生成功申请到北美大学学习机会,其中80%学生进入美国排名前50学校学习。





Special A 特优生运用AI人工智能通过线上和线下教学培养学生兴趣和动手能力,帮助学生提高学习效率和兴趣,以培养创新型人才,提升学生素质为目标。

Special A applies Artificial Intelligence to its online and offline education in order to cultivate its students’ interests well as their manipulative ability, help students to improve their learning efficiencies and interests, and consequently improve their overall qualities.